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Nicotine Aids Spread Of Lung Cancer To Brain Leading To Deadly Metastatic Tumours

New York: Researchers have found that nicotine, a non-carcinogenic chemical found in tobacco, actually promotes the spread of lung cancer cells into the brain where they can form deadly metastatic tumours. Smokers are far more likely to develop lung cancer than non-smokers, the study said. “Based on our findings, we don’t think that nicotine replacement […]

Novel model to predict lung cancer survival developed

New York: Researchers have developed a deep-learning model that may help predict lung cancer survival and outcomes. The findings suggests that the model, using serial image scans of tumours from patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), predicted treatment response and survival outcomes better than standard clinical parameters. “Our research demonstrates that deep-learning models integrating […]

Dim light escalates breast cancer's spread to bones

New York: Exposure to dim light at night may contribute to spreading of breast cancer to bones, researchers have shown in an animal study. When breast cancer spreads it often affects bones, cause severe pain and make them fragile. “To date no one has reported that exposure to dim light at night induces circadian disruption, […]

Breast cancer drugs useful in treating drug-resistant lung tumours

London: A class of drugs used to treat certain breast cancers could help tackle lung cancers that have become resistant to targeted therapies, suggests a study done on mice. The study showed that lung tumours in mice caused by mutations in a gene called EGFR shrunk significantly when a protein called p110a was blocked by […]

This nutritional supplement could help fight cancer

London: Mannose — a nutritional supplement — found naturally in fruits such as cranberries can aid in slowing the growth of tumours and improve cancer treatment, a study has shown. The findings showed that mannose enhanced the effects of chemotherapy in mice with multiple types of cancer including leukaemia, osteosarcoma, ovarian and bowel cancer. It […]

High exposure to radio frequency radiation linked to cancer

New York: Exposure to high levels of radio frequency radiation (RFR) — used in 2G and 3G cell phones — can increase the riserous tumours in the heart, brain and adrenal gland, researchers have warned. The study, led by the US National Institutes of Health’s National Toxicology Programme (NTP), looked at the effects of exposing […]

Bigger brains linked to higher cancer risk: Study

London: Having a bigger brain is directly associated with higher risk of brain cancer, says a new research. The study explored that a larger brain consists of more brain cells, which leads to more cell division that can go wrong and create mutations resulting in the increased risk of cancer. “Aggressive brain cancer is a […]

Jet lag could up cancer risk

London: Frequent travelling that causes jet lag could increase your risk of cancer because it tends to disturb our body clocks that are controlled by the same mechanism that causes tumours, finds a study The findings, reported in the Daily Mail, showed that people’s internal body clocks have a major influence on cell multiplication and […]