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Ganjam Drops The Hint On What Could Prevent Third Wave
Odisha Sero Survey: Ganjam Drops The Hint On What Could Prevent Third Wave

Seroprevalence in the range of 80-84 per cent in the general population is required to prevent the third wave in Odisha. Ganjam results underline the fact

Severity Of Covid19 Third Wave In Odisha To Be Lesser Than Second Wave: DMET Chief CBK Mohanty

The third wave of Covid-19 is unlikely to have an impact as severe as the second wave.

Vaccine Does Play Role, Covid Third Wave May Not Be Severe In Odisha: DMET

DMET (Directorate of Medical Education and Training) director Dr CBK Mohanty today said that the third wave may not make any impact in Odisha due to mass vaccination

Director, Directorate of Medical Education and Training (DMET) in Odisha, CBK Mohanty
No Sign Of Third Wave In Odisha, Further Unlock Moves After Review: DMET Chief

State Public Health Director Niranjan Mishra said though the situation is gradually returning to normalcy, people should adhere to all Covid protocols as the next three months are crucial.

AIIMS Sero Survey
AIIMS Sero-Survey Drops Big Hint, Know What Will Spare Odisha From Third Wave

Only a 'neutralising' serosurvey in Odisha can say whether the possible third wave will hit the State. This will also help in identifying the size of the vulnerable population, including children, to the third wave