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Rasagolla Diwas
Ratha Jatra 2021: Odisha Celebrates 7th Rasagola Dibas On Niladri Bije

Today (July 23), Odisha is celebrating Rasagola Dibas. This is for the seventh year in succession, that Rasagola Dibas is being observed in Odisha to celebrate the sweet delicacy and share Odisha Rasagola's story and glory.

Niladri Bije
Niladri Bije Today: Lords To Return To Sanctum Sanctorum Of Srimandir Marking End Of Ratha Jatra

The Niladri Bije ritual will be held today in the afternoon without public participation like last year due to restrictions over Covid 19 pandemic.

Suna Besha Ritual, Puri
Could Not See The Holy Trinity On Suna Besha As Servitors Crowded Chariots: Say Devotees

Presence of several servitors on the chariots during Suna Besha, violating norms, has invited sharp reactions from devotees

Suna Besha Ratha Jatra
Suna Besha: Divine Siblings Embellished In Gold

One of the most spectacular rituals of the annual Ratha Jatra, Suna Besha of the sibling deities - also called the Rajadhiraja Besha - is performed a day after the Holy Trinity return to their abode following a 9-day sojourn at the Gundicha. The divine triad of Bada Thakura Balabhadra, Mahaprabhu Jagannath and Devi Subhadra, atop their chariots on Puri Badadanda donned a resplendent attire of gold. Like previous year, the rituals were performed without congregation of devotees due to restrictions imposed in the wake of the current pandemic situation.

Ratha Jatra | Suna Besha | Lord Jagannath & Siblings Bask In Golden Glory

Lord Jagannath & His sibling deities adorned gold ornaments and basked in golden glory during the Suna Besha rituals on the chariots at Puri Srimandir.

Ratha Jatra | Suna Besha | Lord Jagannath & Siblings Adorn Gold Ornaments

Lord Jagannath and His siblings adorned gold ornaments during the Suna Besha ritual, which was conducted without devotees for the second consecutive year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Little Devadasi From Puri Peforms ‘Mahari’ In Service Of Lord Jagannath | Ratha Jatra

This adorable girl from Puri is an ardent devotee of Lord Jagannath.

Suna Besha
Suna Besha Today: Puri Deities To Glitter In Golden Attire, Devotees To Give A Miss

The Suna Besha or golden attire of the Holy Trinity will be performed today in Puri without public participation like last year due to Covid-19 pandemic

Bahuda Jatra 2021 in Puri
Bahuda Jatra: Homecoming Of Lord Jagannath & His Siblings

Quite similar to the Ratha Jatra festival, the return journey 'Bahuda Jatra' of the Holy Trinity from Gundicha temple to Srimandir in Puri also began almost two hours ahead of the schedule. After the nine-day annual sojourn at the Gundicha ended today, Bada Thakura Balabhadra, Mahaprabhu Jagannath and Devi Subhadra returned to Ratna Bedi on their majestic chariots. On way, the sibling deities were fed with their favourite offering of Poda Pitha.

Gundicha Temple
Significance Of Gundicha Temple In Ratha Jatra

Gundicha temple is popularly known as the garden house of Lord Jagannath. Gundicha temple is built in ‘Kalinga’ temple style which comprises Viman (sanctum), Jagamohan, Natamandira and Bhogamandap

Bahuda Jatra
Bahuda Jatra: Nine-Day Sojourn Of Holy Trinity Ends, Lords Set To Return Srimandir

Servitors started the rituals as per tradition since last night for the return journey of the divine trinity. Rituals like Bahuda Kanta, Charabandha, Kusumilagi have been performed.

Hera Panchamai
Ratha Jatra 2021: Hera Panchami Today: Angry Goddess Laxmi To Break Nandighosha

As per legends, Lord Jagannath left for his aunt's house along with his brother Lord Balabhadra and sister Devi Subhadra while leaving behind his wife Goddess Laxmi at Srimandir.

Samarth Verma, Puri Collector
Curfew Norms Violation During Ratha Jatra In Puri: Show Cause Notices Issued To 10 Accused

Amid the allegations of curfew norms violation during Ratha Jatra, police have started an investigation and issued show-cause notices to accused

Ratha Jatra
Puri Ratha Jatra 2021: Cracks In Chariots’ Wheels Before Ritual, Repair Works In Progress

The cracks were observed during an inspection of the chariots before the Dakhina Moda rituals, informed Ratha Construction Committee (RCC) supervisor Sudarshan Mekap

Little Sevayat
Awesome Moves By 5-Year-Old Servitor Of Lord Jagannath Will Make Your Day | #WATCH

On the occasion of the welcoming of the deities of Lord Balabhadra, Jagannath and Devi Subhadra to the Gundicha Temple on Tuesday, little Swayam performed some acrobatic stunts and entertained the many sevayats, officials and police at the spot.

Rath Yatra 2021
Ratha Jatra Of Lord Jagannath Held In Texas, United States

When it comes to the devotion for the Lord; language, place and distance are never an obstacle.

Ratha Jatra 2021: Holy Trinity's Car Festival In Pics

The annual car festival of the Holy Trinity in Puri was held with much pomp and show, sans devotees for the second year in row.

Rath Yatra 2021
Rath Yatra: Spectacular Grand Fete Of The Lord Of The Universe And His Siblings

The annual car fest of the Holy Trinity was held at the world-famous Jagannath Temple in Puri but without the participation of devotees for the second year in a row because of the pandemic restrictions. After the ceremonial Pahandi, Lord Jagannath and His siblings were placed atop their chariots for their annual sojourn. Millions of devotees in Odisha and across the world witnessed the traditional ceremony on their TV sets, mobile phones and computers during the live telecast and streaming of the rituals and grand procession on the Grand Road of the temple town.

Ratha Jatra
Ratha Jatra 2021: Chariots Start Rolling Towards Gundicha Temple After ‘Chhera Pahanra’ By Puri King

As per the government decision, only servitors are pulling the chariots of the Holy Trinity due to restrictions on public participation amid Covid pandemic

Puri Sankaracharya To Attend Rath Yatra, Appeals People To Watch Festival At Home
Puri Sankaracharya To Attend Rath Yatra, Appeals People To Watch Festival At Home

The Sankaracharya has accepted the invitation and he will come to Rath Yatra tomorrow with his six of his disciples.

Rath Yatra: Motor Mechanic In Odisha Crafts Mini Chariots Of Trinity Using Food Grains

The chariots are made by connecting the food grains using the babul paste, he said. There was no iron nail or other chemical items used in the chariot.

Rath Yatra 2021: Gujarat Govt Permits Chariot Festival In Ahmedabad On July 12
Rath Yatra 2021: Gujarat Govt Permits Chariot Festival In Ahmedabad On July 12

Understanding the sentiments of the public to carry on the ancient ritual, we have decided to permit this year's Rath Yatra in a limited fashion.

Rath Yatra 2021
Rath Yatra Not Allowed Anywhere In Odisha Other Than Puri: Supreme Court 

The Supreme Court of India on Tuesday struck down all petitions seeking celebrations of Rath Yatra in other parts of Odisha this year as the State battles the second wave of the Covid pandemic.

Puri Rath Yatra 2021
Odisha Invokes Lord Jagannath's Quarantine Example To Popularise COVID-19 Restrictions

Lord Jagannath, and his siblings, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra developed a fever after they were given a bath with sacred water contained in 108 pitchers on Snan Purnima day.

Puri Rath Yatra 2021
Rath Yatra Guidelines: Temple Administration Bans Camera, Mobiles For Servitors

The authorities of the Shree Jagannath Temple in Puri on Saturday laid out some important guidelines for strict implementation during the observance of this year’s Rath Yatra scheduled to commence on July 12.