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Tag: Rath Yatra In Odisha

Sacred Squabble

Lord Jagannath might be the ideal deity for millions of his devotees around the globe, but his one wife is not too impressed. Just within a fortnight of their wedding, he bathes too much and falls ill for 15 days. Immediately after, he goes out on a vacation with his siblings, not bothering to even […]

Bahuda Yatra: Chariot pulling in Baripada & Kendrapara today

Baripada/Kendrapara: At a time when lakhs of devotees are awaiting to witness the Suna Besha of the Holy Trinity in Puri, residents of Baripada and Kendrapara have congregated in the respective districts for the Bahuda Yatra of the sibling deities scheduled today. Residents of Baripada and nearby areas are all set to witness the return […]

Baripada Rath Yatra: Balabhadra's chariot reaches Mausima temple

Baripada: Devotees soaked in religious fervour and devotion as they tugged Lord Balabhadra’s chariot to Mausima temple today. While Goddess Subhadra in her chariot could only reach up to the Town Police station, Lord Jagannath in his chariot will start his journey to his aunt’s abode tomorrow. As per tradition, the pulling of chariots in […]