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Tag: Google Maps

Google Allows Users To Draw, Rename Missing Roads On Maps

New Delhi: Next time when you get frustrated by a road simply not existing on Google Maps during your journey, you can draw and update the Maps directly via a new road editing tool. Google has made it possible via updating its map editing experience in more than 80 countries, to allow Maps users to […]

Google Maps Gets Full-Fledged Dark Mode On Android

San Francisco: Google Maps is now getting a full-fledged dark mode on Android, the feature has been in testing since September 2020. “These days, we are all experiencing a bit of screen fatigue. With the dark themes in Google Maps soon expanding to all Android users globally, you can give your eyes a much-needed break […]

ISRO To Launch India's Indigenous Mapping Portal, To Take On Google Maps/Earth
ISRO To Launch India's Indigenous Mapping Portal, To Take On Google Maps/Earth

Bengaluru: Indian Space Research Organisation and location and navigation technology solutions provider MapmyIndia announced an initiative to partner together to offer India’s best, and fully indigenous, mapping portal and geospatial services. It combines the power of MapmyIndia’s digital maps and technologies with ISRO’s catalogue of satellite imagery and earth observation data, according to MapmyIndia’s CEO […]

Google Maps
Google Maps Adds Covid Layer For Safe Travel In 220 Nations

San Francisco: In a bid to help people navigate safely in the pandemic times, Google has added the Covid layer in Maps that will show critical information about Covid-19 cases in an area people plan to visit in 220 countries. The Covid layer in Google Maps will start rolling out worldwide on Android and iOS […]

Google Rolls Out Tool To Help Users Find Covid Testing Centres In India

New Delhi: Google on Friday announced the launch of a new feature on Google Search, Assistant, and Maps for users in India to help them find information on Covid-19 testing centres near them. The search giant has partnered with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and MyGov to provide the information on authorised testing […]

Google India
Google India Ramps Up COVID-19 Efforts To Bring Reliable Information To Users

New Delhi: As the country prepares for another two-week of lockdown, Google India on Monday said it has ramped up actions to help bring authoritative and reliable information to users, and provide features across its products that can be helpful during these trying times. The company said it has started indicating the locations of hundreds […]

Man caused virtual traffic jam on Google Maps with with 99 phones

Berlin: Call it bizarre but a German artist Simon Weckert has posted a video on YouTube, showing how he “hacked” Google Maps with 99 smartphones and a wagon to create “virtual traffic jams” on the streets of Berlin. Weckert put 99 smartphones with Google Maps on into a small wagon cart and then wheeled that […]

Google Maps Over 4.5 Million Animals In The Wild

San Francisco:  In an initiative for better wildlife protection, seven organizations, led by Conservation International and Google has mapped more than 4.5 million animals in the wild using photos taken from motion-activated cameras known as camera traps. The photos are all part of Wildlife Insights, an AI-enabled, Google Cloud-based platform that streamlines conservation monitoring by speeding […]

Google Maps updated with enhanced voice guidance

San Francisco: Google Maps has announced new improvements that would help people with vision impairment to navigate more easily. It would offer more detailed voice guidance and new types of verbal announcements for walking trips, said Wakana Sugiyama, a business analyst in Google’s Tokyo office who was an adviser and tester for the project on […]

A Swachh Bharat Milestone: Google Maps Show 57K Public Toilets In India

New Delhi: In a fillip to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Mission, Google Maps now lists over 57,000 public toilets in over 2,300 cities across the country, the company announced on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversay, fulfiling a key aspiration of the Father of the Nation. More than 2.5 lakh users […]

Google Maps to alert Indians if cab drivers deviate from route

New Delhi: Next time when you board an Uber or Ola from the airport, railway station or from a friend’s place at midnight anywhere in India, keep your Google Maps on. In case the driver deviates from the designated drop route for 500 metres, your phone would buzz with a prominent notification — informing you […]

Google says fighting fake business profiles on Maps

San Francisco: Admitting that fake business profiles were lurking people on Google Maps, the company has said it was working hard to remove bad actors before they could scam customers. Reacting to media reports that Google Maps is flooded by about 11 million false listings and phone numbers that reroute to competing businesses, the company […]

Google Maps now offers live train status, bus data

Hyderabad: Google Maps on Tuesday launched three new public transport features, including live train status, to help commuters in India. Google Maps users in 10 of the largest cities in India will be able to see bus travel times from live traffic, get live train status for Indian Railways, and get mixed-mode commute suggestions that […]

Google Maps AR navigation feature testing begins for select users

San Francisco: Google is letting some of its select users test the augmented reality (AR) navigation feature for Google Maps — a feature that would provide people with directions from the phone’s camera in real time. According to a report by The Verge, David Pierce from The Wall Street Journal got hands-on experience of the […]

Google Maps Returns To Apple's iPhone
Google Maps introduces auto rickshaw feature for Delhi commuters

New Delhi: Google on Monday introduced a new feature in its Maps where commuters in Delhi will be able to see auto rickshaws under the “public transport” mode in Maps. By selecting the mode, commuters will be able to view suggested routes for the ride as well as the estimated auto-rickshaw fares, making it easier […]

Google Maps Returns To Apple's iPhone
Google Maps location sharing now adds phone's battery life

San Francisco: Google has announced adding a nifty feature to its Google Maps users that includes the battery level (of the user’s phone) in the set of information that they share. “When you share your location with someone in the Google Maps app, it shows up on your friend’s map, which they can use to […]

Google Maps to alert you when to get off the bus

San Francisco : Google Maps is adding a helpful feature for commuters who tend to lose track of time during bus or train ride. It will now send a push notification when the user is approaching their destination. “It’s much easier for mass transit travellers to doze off or get distracted and miss their intended […]

Real-time notifications on Google Maps soon

San Francisco: Google will soon launch a useful update to Google Maps that will give users live guidance and interactive real-time notifications during their journey. The real-time updates will be given while a user is/are on his/her transit journey and the updates will appear in the Google Maps app. An unconfirmed information said that the […]

Google to show restaurant 'wait' times on Search, Maps

San Francisco: Tired of long queues at restaurants? Relax as Google is soon rolling out wait times on Google Search — followed by Maps — that will show you the estimated wait-time at your favourite eating hangouts. To see wait times for nearly a million sit-down restaurants around the world that allow walk-ins, just search for […]

Ola, Google bring 'Outstation' cabs to Maps

Bengaluru: Ride-hailing app Ola on Tuesday announced an inter-city travel partnership with Google that would help long-distance commuters discover Ola’s “Outstation” category on Google Maps. The move enables bookings from 23 cities to over 215 one-way routes in the country. In the coming weeks, the integration would be expanded to 500 routes. “Google and Ola, […]

Kolkata buses go real-time with Google Maps

New Delhi: In the first launch of real-time transit information for Google Maps in India, commuters riding the West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC) buses in Kolkata will now be able to get real-time bus information on the app. Starting Monday, Google has teamed up with the WBTC to add real-time information about bus arrival times […]

Apple Watch
Google Maps, Amazon, eBay removes support for Apple Watch

San Francisco: Major apps including Google Maps, Amazon, eBay appear to have ditched their Apple Watch apps and have quietly removed support for watchOS in updates submitted to the App Store. “Google confirmed it had removed support from Google Maps but suggested that move might be temporary,” technology website cnet.com reported on Tuesday. The removal […]

Google Trips
Now make bus, train reservations on Google Trips

New York: Google Trips, an app for iOS and Android that makes it easier to plan and organise trips, now allows users to make bus and train reservations. “Previously, it only handled flight, hotel, car and restaurant reservations but now, if users are travelling by train or bus, Trips will organise those reservations for them,” […]