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Know petrol, diesel prices in Odisha on Sept 15
Know petrol and diesel prices in Odisha on September 15

As prices of petroleum products have now been aligned to market rates, fuel prices will rise each time, global crude prices rise and the rupee falls against the dollar.

  • Thursday, 15 September 2022
Twitterati bombard jokes over 1 paisa price reduction on fuel

  New Delhi: State-owned oil companies on Wednesday blamed a clerical error for announcing a cut of up to 60 paise in petrol and diesel prices and later clarified that the reduction in price will just be 1 paisa per litre each. “The reduction was supposed to be 1 paisa but due to a clerical […]

  • Monday, 26 July 2021
Odisha: Petrol Price At Record High, Hits Century In Bhubaneswar

With the crude oil prices rising, petrol price rise woes have now spread tentacles to Odisha capital. Petrol prices reached all time high in Bhubaneswar today (July 2). As per sources, the prices skyrocketed in Bhubaneswar and crossed Rs 100 per litre. Already grappling with the pandemic, customers in the capital city expressed their displeasure and said that the price rise has added to their woes.

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  • Friday, 02 July 2021