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How to move on: 7 ways to get over after break up
How to move on: 7 ways to get over after break up

The good thing is that there’s always sunshine after sunset and a solution for every problem. Here are seven ways which may help you get over your past relationship

  • Saturday, 22 October 2022
Mother's menstrual age linked to son's puberty: Study

London: The age at which a young woman experiences her first menstruation is associated with the age at which her son experiences puberty, according to a latest research. While it has been known for some time that mothers’ age at puberty is associated with their daughters’, much less was known about the link with their […]

  • Thursday, 08 July 2021
Online bullying leads to depression in teenagers: Study

New York: Parents, please take note. Teenagers who experience cyber bullying are more likely to suffer from poor sleep and depression, warns a study. In one of the few studies to explore the connection between cyber victimisation and sleep quality, the research team from University at Buffalo examined the relationship between online bullying and depression […]

  • Saturday, 01 May 2021