Grounds should be used in non-school hours:Maken

New Delhi: Sports Minister Ajay Maken on Monday urged Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath to ensure mandatory use of play fields that have been allotted by the Delhi development Authority (DDA) to the capital`s schools during non-school hours as well.

"The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has given land, including space for play fields to numerous schools in the capital. It will be pertinent to mention here that there is enormous difference between the amount charged by the DDA for the portion of land given for the school building and the portion allotted for play field," Maken said in a letter to Nath.

"While the land for school building is allotted on perpetual lease at relatively higher payable costs, the land for play fields is allotted on temporary basis on payment of nominal ground rent. In case of a few schools the DDA has also, through its allotment deeds, made it compulsory for some schools to allow the play fields portion to be used by the local children during non-school hours as well," he added.

Maken said entry to play fields in schools can be kept from outside to ensure there is no trespassing. "In light of the above, it is requested that the government makes provision for mandatory use of play fields in all schools, where land has been allotted by DDA to be used by the local children in the vicinity of upto 3kms during non-school hours. "It should also be ensured that the entry to such play field portion should not be through the school but from outside so as to facilitate the entry without negating the school`s trespassing concerns."