‘Need to redefine relationship with nature’

New Delhi: Terming the recent natural disasters in Uttarakhand and Odisha as a wake up call, environmentalist today called for redefining relationship with nature and sought more practical approach for its protection.
In a conference held here by environmental organisation Navdanya on 're-imagining the human-nature relationship in context of disasters', the environment activists said that the recent disasters have shown that it has become a life threatening moment for humans.
"We are in a life threatening moment for the human species. The future of the humans depends on a leap in redefining our relationship with nature — one based on community, protection and giving back," Navdanya Director Vandana Shiva said.
The activists said the frequency and intensity of disasters are increasing exponentially as evidenced from the flood disaster in Uttarakhand and Phailin in Odisha.
On the occasion, a campaign "Bhoomi" was also launched which will focus on participation of youth in concrete actions to make them shift from mindless consumerism to living as the member of the Earth family and promoting organic food.
Scholars, community members and civil society organisations from various parts of the world participated in the conference and shared experiences and draw insights from the response of communities to disasters in their region.