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Cub tigress found dead in Bandhavgarh Reserve

Bhopal: A cub tigress partially eaten was found dead on Saturday in Magadhi zone of the famous Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve at Umaria district in Eastern Madhya Pradesh.

"The cub was 18-20 months old and died following a territorial fight with another feline," Reserve Field Director C K Patil said.

Another fully grown tigress in Kalwa area of the reserve had killed it and ate some of its part, he said.

Patil said that heavy roaring was heard from the reserve by the field duty staff around 1.30 A.M.

The forest officials anticipated that a fight was taking place between the both felines but following darkness and danger didn`t venture into the deep forest, Patil said.

"At dawn, we started patrolling and found the tigress.

Some tourists too sighted the dead feline," the field director said.

"We are for sure that the tigress died in a territorial fight spread over an area of 700 sq km," he said.

The dead tigress was making bids to form its own territory as she was maturing, Patil said.

He said that the post-mortem of the feline will take place in the presence of National Tiger Conservation Authority`s (NTCA) representative veterinarian Dr A B Shrivastava.

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