Wild elephants destroy crops in Athagarh

Bhubaneswar: Tension ran high in five villages under Athagarh forest division after a herd of 20 wild elephants, including calves, sneaked into the villages.

The pachyderms damaged crops in several acres of lands of Rajnagar, Betakholi, Benthapada, Tailamala and Ghantikhola villages during their stay yesterday.

Believed to have migrated from the Chandaka jungle, the herd of elephants is roaming around Megha jungle under the Athagarh forest division.

Vehicular movements on Athagarh-Munduli road were disrupted for some time as the herd of elephants created panic among passersby last evening.

Nearby villagers are in the state of horror due to entry of these uninvited guests. Notably, elephants often enter villages due to shortage of food in the depleting forest cover.

According to sources, Odisha houses around 1,900 elephants.