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Trinity return to temple, rituals resume as usual

Puri: The presiding deities who returned to the sanctum sanctorum here in the wee hours of Friday after the 11-day sojourn to their aunt Devi Gundicha’s house were offered ‘Nilachal abhada’ late on Friday.

Since Lord Jagannath falls ill after Deva Snana Purnima (bathing ritual), the deities are not served ‘abhada’ and remain in seclusion. He is being offered medication for speedy recovery.
The crowd at the 12th century famous shrine was bustling as ‘Nilachal abhada’ was made available at the Anand Bazaar where mahaprasad is being sold to the devotees. Prior to this, the deities were offered mahaprasad by Goddess Mahalaxmi.

Yesterday, on the occasion of Niladri Bije( the homecoming ceremony), He had to confront Goddess Mahalaxmi before entering the temple. By the orders of Goddess, the doors were slammed on His face for not taking Her with Him to aunt’s place. To teach Him a lesson, Goddess prevent His entry to the shrine.

While Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra are allowed to enter the temple, Lord Jagannath put in lot of effort to persuade her.  In the attempt, Lord offers Rasgullas to appease her. After long persuasion, She gives in and allows Him to get in thereby coming to terms.

During ‘pahandi’, the temple was echoing with sounds of cymbals, conchs, drums and trumpets coupled with chanting of Haribol. Lord was taken to the sanctum sanctorum (ratnasimhasan) and normal daily rituals resumed as usual.

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