Tornado lashes Kendrapara

Kendrapara: A strong thunder squall accompanied by heavy rain wrecked havoc in most of the villages of Rajkanika and Aul blocks of the district on Sunday afternoon.

The heavy wind called Tornado, within a span of only 15 minutes, rendered many families homeless as the squall destroyed hundreds of houses, uprooted big trees on the road causing serious traffic problem for quite a sometime. The power connection and telephone services were disrupted completely as the wires were snapped due to heavy wind.

The most affected areas are Olavar, Lahunipada, pegarpada, Bajarpur, Dalikaenda, Sikua, Kantapada, Kalikapur and Dasabhagiria of Rajkanika and Koladiha, Balakati and Diniari villages of Aul block where wind reportedly blew at a highest speed of over 100 km/h.

The 15 minutes calamity also caused heavy damage to the agriculture. Hundreds of paddy heaps were damaged causing concern for the farmers.

Details of the damage will be soon assessed and accordingly compensation will be made for the affected families, an administrative official said adding polythene sheets and other basic articles will be provided on receiving damage report.

Last time Tornado had hit district in 2009 which had affected mostly the Rajkanika block resulting in a huge loss of lives and properties.