The light that never comes

G Udayagiri: The women dreamed that they would not have to light lanterns as the dusk covered their tiny village. The village folks and their siblings believed that they would not have to struggle under the dim light to read and study. But the dream remains unfulfilled even twenty years after electric poles were planted and a transformer was installed in the village. There is no trace of light as the villagers of Gundabaju under G. Udayagiri block in Kondhamal continue to remain in perpetual darkness.

Affected by natural wear and tear the transformer installed long back too has become defunct and has to be replaced if ever the government rethinks to provide electricity to the village. The same is the story of the electric poles. While wild creepers have destroyed some of the poles. some others have been rendered useless due to nature`s onslaught.

Though efforts were made three months ago to provide electricity to the village under the Biju Gram Jyoti Yojna and materials were brought in and the village workers were engaged by the department for planting new poles, electrification work has come to a halt as the contractor has left the job already. The workers even have not received their dues.

Officials of the electricity department only provide assuranes that electrification work would start very soon. The villagers have only one choice. They have to believe their words. That is what they have been doing for the last twenty years and dreaming to a glowing bulb. No one knows when that dream will be fulfilled for over hundred and fifty families living in village Gundabaju.