State to hike vehicle user rates for officials

Bhubaneswar: While citizens of the country as well as the state are feeling the pinch of increasing petrol prices, state babus are enjoying the old rates for vehicle use, meant for commuting office and for private purposes, unchanged since 2003.  Following a report by OTV, the state government however has decided to increase the user fee.

Way back in 2003, the state finance department had amended the old vehicle user rates for babus who use government vehicles for commuting office and private purposes. The monthly charge for commuting between office and residence in the capital was fixed at Rs 400 and Rs 600 at different levels while it was Rs 1500 for commuting between twin city Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.

Similarly as per the 9-year old amendment, Rs 1350 was getting deducted from monthly salaries of the respective officials for using the government vehicle for private purpose up to 500km and Rs 900 for 300km.

Also, breaking all provisions made in 2004 that secretaries can not use more than one vehicle for any purpose, the babus are  yet to follow the rule. The Chief Secretary however assured action would be taken if irregularities were found.