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Patient undergoes treatment under torchlight at Nayagarh

Nayagarh: It seems the medical staff here hasn’t learnt any lesson from the tragedy at Capital Hospital in Bhubaneswar where a child died after being provided medical aid in the absence of electricity.

In almost a similar situation, a critically injured patient was treated upon at the district headquarters hospital here sans electricity as the hospital suffered blackout due to power failure. Surprisingly, the power backup equipment was out of order jeopardizing the lives of indoor patients.

A patient brought in to the hospital with critical injuries was offered treatment with the help of handheld torch. Hopefully, the sorry state of affairs was not a regular scene here.

When contacted, the CDMO said, “due to mechanical error the generator broke down. We would look into the matter so that it does not occur in the future”.

On the contrary, local residents allege that people at the helm of affairs are not discharging their duties properly.

It may be recalled that a candle-lit operation at Capital Hospital at the state capital went awry as a child died minutes after receiving treatment.

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