OTV Impact: Scrap Paves Way For Odisha Innovator To Get Into Bhubaneswar ITI

Bhubaneswar: As Benjamin Franklin said, “Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What’s a sun–dial in the shade?” Continuing with its efforts in bringing the hidden talents to the fore, OTV on Wednesday telecast a report on Sheikh Fayaz, a youth from Bhubaneswar who has effectively created multiple utility gadgets using scrap materials.

The best invention, as claimed by Fayaz, happens to be a Smart Burglar Alarm which he has designed and developed using latest technologies, and costs just Rs 1000. The gadget can be fixed in doors of houses and cars, and its alarm is set in such a way that the owner will get a call in his mobile phone as soon as anyone opens the door.

This apart, Fayaz has created other utility gadgets including vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, emergency lights and toys using scrap materials.

Based on the OTV report, the Chairman of the Government Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Bhubaneswar immediately contacted Fayaz’s family members and arranged for his admission in the institution.

“It is his interest that has dragged Fayaz here. The government will not only help him in his studies, but Fayaz would be provided with special training in the future. We will also send him to participate in the national and international skill development competitions,” said Chairman Jitamitra Satpathy.

For Fayaz’s father Sheikh Sabib, happiness knew no bounds after he was assured of the facilities his son will avail joining ITI. Sabib hopes his son would make the country proud and come up with many such innovations benefiting the society.