Operation Save Bat

Bhubaneswar: Hardly you have seen fire fighters gathering under a tree and spraying water onto it minus fire. Don’t be surprised. This has happened in village Joranda near Athgarh of Cuttack district. See it to believe it.

On receiving information from the villagers that bats are becoming unconscious due to the blistering heat wave and the number of birds fallen from the sheltering mango tree has touched fifty, fire fighters rushed to the spot and started the rescue work. As Good Samaritan, they began spraying water on the tree from beneath and tried to cool down the surrounding atmosphere including theirs resting places.

Waiting in bated breath and excitement to see the recovering bats, the villagers also informed the veterinary doctors who treated the sick bats with Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) solution. Little later bats were seen opening eyes, which sent a message among the onlookers that their mission has bore fruit.

Though it was a rare scene for many to water mass bats, everybody came forward on to save lives of bats who were understandably asking everybody – Save Our Soul.