One injured inside Jagannath temple

Puri:One injured devotee was admitted to the hospital today after the dadhinauti-the body to hold the flag atop the temple-of the small temple on the entrance of the western gate fell suddenly creating panic among te devotees and the sevayats. The dadhinauti was lying in a dilapited condition quite for some time now. The same fell off when some monkeys, which have now become permanent residents of the famous temple, were jumping on the temple top.

Meranwhile, chief minister Naveen Pattnaik has urged the Union culture ministry to take immediate steps to repair the temple after the incident. Naveen has requested the union minister Kumari Sailaja to initiate action against the officials of the Archaeologial Survey of India(ASI) who were responsible for the mishap. Though the temple has been lying in a dilapifated condition for several years, the ASI has done precious little for its safety despite repeated requests by the temple authority and the sevayats.