Odisha higher Education proves women are from Venus & Men from Mars!

Males in Odisha pursue such courses that are cash cows, whereas females take up courses to have a deeper or say strategic view on a particular subject

Bhubaneswar: In sync with American counsellor-cum-author John Gray’s popular book Men are from Mars & Women from Venus, the course selection of females and males in Odisha differ in a big way.

When enrolment of males is higher in courses like PhD, Under Graduate and Diploma, females outnumber males in MPhil, Post Graduate and Certificate courses.

As per the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) – 2018-19 report released recently, the female enrolment in MPhil courses in the State stood at 628 vis-a-vis enrolment of 523 males. Similarly, when a high of 42,541 females enrol for the PG courses, the male enrolment stood at 40,536.  Also, a total of 5,894 females in the State had enrolled for certificates courses in 2018-19 against 4,329 males.

In contrast, the gender divide in enrolment in PhD stood at 1670 females against 2052 males. A similar trend is observed in Under Graduate and Diploma courses.

An analysis of the course selection reveals that females go for a deeper grip or work towards attaining proficiency in a single subject. The big fact to note here is MPhil courses are zero earners vis-a-vis drawing up fellowship amount in PhD courses.

This is not a single instance. The same pattern exists in certificate and diploma courses. A certificate course is almost similar to Diplomas. But the Certificate courses, besides providing a hands-on learning on technical and vocation subjects, enhances professional skill.

Significantly, MPhil. considered as 2nd masters’ degree is pursued to attain full-fledged knowledge on a subject, besides providing a platform for advanced research. In contrast, PhD is a professional degree course that allows a degree holder to get a faculty position in any University or any such type of institutions.

The bottomline: Males in Odisha pursue such courses that are cash cows, whereas females take up courses to have a deeper or say a strategic view of a particular subject. In other words, females apparently have a research bent of mind than males. And this apparent trait of females speaks a bigger tale!