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Mental patients chained, tortured in Kalahandi

Bhawanipatna: Far from the gaze of multitude, a non-trained medical practitioner has come under public scrutiny as the person in question has been accused of ill-treatment in the name of treating psychological disorders.

A closed room with asbestos ceiling and iron door which could be easily passed for as a godown housed at least 20 adult mental patients, including five women. A self proclaimed saffron clad psychiatrist, Srinivas baba, allegedly chained them to their beds, making them go through his vicious treatment.

A female patient who underwent the torture-filled treatment with the baba, after escaping from his clutches alleged his inhuman treatment practice and the agony associated with it.

The baba had taken the girl into his care and in the name of exorcising evil spirits, baba used to allegedly ill-treat her, while subjecting her to torturous treatment. 
“We were stashed in a little room, beaten and tortured. The baba used to put on music and sometimes sprayed perfume on me. He said if you go out and reveal it to people then nobody will buy your story,” complained the girl who was a victim.

According to girls’ brother, Baba insisted that the girl was under the influence of evil spirit and needed treatment. 

Though such an alleged inhuman practice was going steady in the vicinity, the administration did not have faintest idea about it. The officials claimed that no such allegations surfaced earlier which would prompt them to take action against the ‘dubious’ baba.

“Since eight to nine years he has been doing this practice. No body has ever come to us with a complaint, rather people have been praising in his favour. Since we have not received any complaint till now, we cannot take any action,” said Harish Chandra Pandey, Inspector- In- Charge.

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