Dengue stings Ladugaon village in Kalahandi hard

Bhawanipatna: Dengue has assumed alarming proportions in Kalahandi district with the disease fast spreading its tentacles from one village to another. Ladugaon village in the district has been the worst affected by the vector-borne disease this season.

Panic has gripped the villagers as 120 people have been tested positive for dengue in the area. They are keeping shops closed while attendance of students in schools has come down in past 15 days in the village.

“Students are not coming to the school out of fear. Though there are 102 students in Class X, only 10 have turned up on Saturday,” said Prashant Nayak, a student of the Ladugaon High School.

“Parents are not sending their children to schools because of dengue outbreak. Therefore, the attendance of students in the schools has come down considerably,” said Prasadu Achari, a teacher of Ladugaon High School.

Meanwhile, a central team of doctors visited the village and blood samples have been collected for tests.

“We will conduct house to house survey and create awareness among people so that the dengue outbreak can be contained in the area at the earliest,” said Koksara medical officer, Sushil Kumar Sahu.