Commissionerate Police effects major reshuffle; several police stations get new IICs

Bhubaneswar: In a major reshuffle effected ahead of the upcoming polls, senior officials and inspectors-in-charge (IICs) of several police stations in the twin cities of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar have been transferred. Tapan Kumar Patnaik of Bhubaneswar Urban Police District (UPD) has been transferred to the DCP headquarters in Bhubaneswar. He will remain in-charge of the executive Magistrate Court in the city.

Zone-I ACP (Bhubaneswar) Asim Kumar Panda has been transferred to Commissionerate Police headquarters, ACP Manas Ranjan Garnaik (Capital Police Station) to Zone-I of Cuttack UPD, while Zone-VI ACP Rabinarayan Satapathy (BBSR) has been transferred to Judicial Comm, headquarters.

The Establishment Board of Police Commissionerate yesterday approved the transfers in the rank of IICs, additional DCPs, ACPs within the Police Commissionerate, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack, official sources said.
Senior police officials informed that the transfers were made keeping in view the vacancy positions, administrative requirements and interest of public service.

Here is the list of the officers and their new place of posting:

Name of Officer               Place of Posting        Posted
Asim Kumar Mishra Addl DCPComm. Hdqrs, BBSRAddl DCP I/c of DIB, Cuttack
Trinath Mishra Addl DCPComm. Hdqrs, BBSRAddl DCP, IUCAW, BBSR
Tapan Patnaik Addl DCPBBSR UPDAddl DCP, Comm hdqrs BBSR
Mayadhar Sethi, Addl DCPCuttack UPDAddl DCP, IUCAW, Cuttack UPD
Prashant Pattanayak Addl SPUpon joing at Comm hdqrs BBSRAddl DCP, IUCAW, Cuttack
Gadadhar Pradhani, Addl DCPBBSR UPDAddl DCP, Cuttack UPD
Tapaswini Arukh, Addl DCPComm Hdqrs BBSRAddl DCP, Comm. Hdqrs BBSR
Asim Kumar Panda, ACPZone I BBSR UPDComm, Hdqrs, BBSR
Manas Ranjan Garnaik (I/C ACP)Capital PS, BBSRACP, Zone I CTC UPD
Rabinarayan Satapathy, ACPZone VI, BBSR UPDACP, Judicial Comm, Hdqrs, BBSR
Jatindra Ku Panda, ACPACP, Hqqrs, BBSR UPDACP Zone III, CTC UPD
Krushna Prasad Dash (I/C, DSP)ACP Hdqrs, BBSR UPDACP Zone IV, CTC UPD
Anil Kumar Mishra, ACPZone VI, CTC UPDACP Zone V, BBSR UPD
Subhanarayan Muduli (I/C DSP)Upon joining comm Hdqrs BBSRACP Zone VI, CTC UPD
Tarun Kumar Das ACPComm Hdqrs BBSRACP Zone VI, BBSR UPD
Bishnu Prasad Pata (I/C ACP)ACP Judicial Comm HdqrsACP Zone I BBSR UPD
Anirudha Routray (I/c DSP)Upon joining Comm Hdqrs, BBSRACP, IUCAW, CTC UPD
Satyaranjan Mallick DSPUpon joining Comm Hdqrs, BBSRACP IUCAW CTC UPD
Inspr Girija Shankar ChakrabartyComm Hdqrs BBSRIIC Capital PS
Inspr Janardhan PadhyIIC, Shree Lingaraj PSInspr, Law, BBSR UPD
Inspr Sandhyarani SinghAddl IIC, Capital PSInspr, IUCAW, CTC UPD
Inspr Ravindranath MeherIIC Nandankanan PSIIC Markatnagar PS
Inspr Himanshu Bhusan SwainIIC Khandagiri PSIIC Badambadi PS
Inspr Akash Ch. RanaIIC Balipatna PSInspr IUCAW CTC UPD
Inspr Padmanav PradhanIIC Saheednagar PSIIC Choudwar PS
Inspr Bijayani SinghIIC Infocity PSIIC CDA Phase II CTC
Inspr Deepar Kumar MishraIIC, Chandrasekharpur PSInspr DCRB, BBSR
Inspr Jatindranath SethyIIC Choudwar PSIIC Mancheswar PS
Inspr Biranchinarayan PatiIIC Jagatpur PSInspr IUCAW CTC
Inspr Arun SwainIIC Mangalabag PSIIC Nayapalli PS
Inspr Biswajit MohantyIIC Lalbag PSIIC Infocity PS
Inspr Paramanda NayakIIC Darghabazar PSIIC Nandankan PS
Inspr Teroskava MahapatraIIC Madhupatna PSInspr IUCAW CTC
Inspr Pradipta Kumar RoutIIC Bidanasi PSIIC Balipatana PS
Inspr Debendra Kumar BiswalIIC Markatnagar PSIIC Chandaka PS
Inspr Ajaya Kumar DasIIC Chauliaganj PSInspr Law CTC UPD
Inspr Rashmi Ranjan MohapatraIIC Badambadi PSIIC Khandagiri PS
Inspr Anil Kumar Beuria Inspr IUCAW, CTCIIC Tamando PS
Inspr Rabi Narayan BhanjaIIC CDA Phase IIIIC Malgodown PS
Inspr Pradip Kumar JenaUpon Joining Comm HdqrsIIC Darghabazar PS
Inspr Laxmi Narayan TiwaryUpon Joing Comm HdqrsIIC Bidanasi PS
Inspr Manoj Roshan BilungIIC Traffic PS, CTCIIC Madhupatna PS
Inspr Pradipta Ku NayakIIC NH Traffic, Phulnakhara IIC Jagatpur PS
Inspr Jnanendra Ku SahooIIC Kharavelanagar PS IIC Airfield PS
Inspr Umakanta PradhanIIC Nayapalli PSIIC Airport PS
Inspr Balaram NayakIIC Airport PS IIC Balipatna PS
Inspr Biswaranjan NayakUpon Joining Com HdqrsIIC Chandrasekharpur PS
Inspr Amitav MohapatraUpon Joining Comm Hdqrs IIC Kharavelanagar PS
Inspr Biswaranjan SenapatiUpon Joining Comm HdqrsIIC Saheednagar PS
Inspr Iman Kalyan NayakIIC Mahila PS BBSRIIC Cantonment PS
Inspr Arpita KhatuaUpon joining Comm Hdqrs, BBSRIIC Mahila PS BBSR