Child-theft rumours: Odisha Police issues advisory to check mob attacks

Cuttack: An advisory to check mob attacks on innocent people in several parts of the State over child-theft suspicion was issued by Odisha Police DG, RP Sharma today.

Police have identified a few persons who are spreading the rumours on social media and stringent action will be taken against them, Sharma said.

In a seven-point advisory, the DGP has instructed people not to spread rumours on social media platforms. He has also stated that it is wrong to presume a non-Odia person to be child thief and it is also a rumour that the thieves are stealing children for organ harvesting.

Sharma has further urged people to inform police if they find any suspicious non-Odia persons in their localities. All police officers have been ordered to undertake frequent tours within their jurisdiction and keep an eye on suspicious persons and take appropriate legal action where needed. The officers can also take stringent action if they found any innocent person being harassed or attacked, the advisory noted.

The DGP has further requested people not to take the law into their hands as police and court are only empowered to take action.

“Because of the rumours on social media, some people think that child-lifting gangs are operational in State. We have initiated a probe to find the source of such rumours and culprits will be arrested and punished,” said Sharma.