BJD, BJP face-off over inauguration of road in Balasore

Balasore: A face-off ensued between the members of the ruling-BJD and the BJP over inauguration of a half-constructed road in Jaleswar blaock of the district on Saturday.

According to sources, CM Naveen Patnaik inaugurated the half-constructed road from Ot road to Chapala during his visit to the district on February 13.

Sources said BJD MP Rabindra Jena and MLA Aswini Kumar Patra carried out a rally to inaugurate the half-constructed road once again yesterday when some BJP workers opposed the move and started throwing cow dung water.

“Despite being inaugurated by the CM, the local BJD MP and MLA once again tried to inaugurate the same road… It’s illegal,” said a BJP worker, Shantanu Patnaik.

“Such acts of the BJP will not make any difference for the BJD as people know who is right. They (BJP members) don’t have any leader behind them; hence, they are engaged in such works,” said MLA Patra.