Air defence, missile power on show at army college

Berhampur: India's air defence and missile power was demonstrated at Army Air Defence (AAD) College at Golabandha, about 30 km from here.

The exercise was held yesterday to show the might of AAD to visiting dignitaries and officers of Defence Services Staff College (CSSC), Wellington and Military Institute of Technology (MIT), Pune as part of their study tour.

Commandant of Army AAD College Lt Gen Vijay Kumar Saxena took the visiting officers around the military station to show various state-of-the-art training facilities and infrastructure available in the college.

Altogether 330 student officers of these institutes, including 30 officers from friendly countries, witnessed the fire power demonstration.

Commandant of DSSC Lt Gen B V Nair along with chief instructors from Air Force and Navy also attended the demonstration which continued for about three hours.

Similar demonstrations would be conducted in second phase in the college premises on January 12, sources said today.

The Air Defence weapons firing demonstration is one of its kind conducted by Indian Army wherein Air Defence weapons ranging from medium and short range missile systems to guns, showcase their capabilities, they said, adding the area is assumed as the war zone when the missile firing is conducted.

Defence experts explained the characteristics and use of each weapon. The main objective of the demonstration was to appraise young officers about the characteristics and their use in the war field.

Among others, OSA-AK weapon system on Pilot-less Target Aircraft (Lakshya), para barrels dropped from AN 32 aircraft from an altitude of 5000 meters and STRELA 10M and IGLA 1M shoulder fired missiles were fired on Air Target Imitators, the target system for the missiles.