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Rare surgery gets back voice of patient

Bhubaneswar: Bijay had lost his voice and had to battle with abnormal breathing following a road accident two years ago.

The 40-year-old man from Nayagarh district has successfully regained his voice, thanks to a rare surgery performed recently by expert surgeons at the premier Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) here.

The voice of Bijay, who was breathing through an opening made externally over trachea (tracheostomy) ever since he met with the accident. “Now he has regained his voice which was also recorded after the surgery,” a senior doctor at the hospital said today.

At KIMS, laryngofissure and removal of abnormal tissue from narrowed segment of trachea were done using `Coblator`. This is a new technique performed for the first time in state, he said.

The surgery was performed by Dr Khageswar Rout, Dr Anil Ku Das under supervision of Prof R N Biswal in Ear-Nose-Throat Department of KIMS. Both surgeons have received training in reputed institutes outside Odisha.

Voice loss and breathing problem are common in neck injury and prolonged intubation patients. This new method for restoration of voice and respiration is a boon for road accident patients, said a surgeon.

KIMS now provides the management of airway and voice problem in road accident patients at affordable price and patients need not go outside Odisha for this expensive treatment, he said.

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