Saswat Singhdeo

Sundergarh: As many as five persons were caught while they were taking the driving license test as proxy drivers for others in Sundergarh district.

As per reports, four persons were slapped with Rs 55,000 fine by the Motor Vehicle Inspector while another person was booked and forwarded to court for arriving at the driving license testing centre in a drunken state.

Apart from that, the applicants for whom all the accused were taking the test have been barred by the Transport Department from getting driving license.

In another incident, traffic cops & RTO officials imposed a penalty of Rs 26,000 on a scooter owner after intercepting his minor ward driving the vehicle without helmet at Barang Police Station chhak in Cuttack. The scooter was impounded by the traffic officials at Barang Police Station. Sources said that it can only be released after the fine is deposited with the RTO.