Rashmi Ranjan

Berhampur: In a major breakthrough, the police in Berhampur busted a notorious looters gang and arrested two persons involved in a series of burglaries, on Thursday.

According to sources, police seized 540 gm gold, 100 gm silver, a car, an expensive bike and a scooty from the possession of the accused.

Besides, the police arrested three more persons for allegedly buying the stolen gold form the miscreants, sources added.

Investigations have revealed that the members of the gang learnt different tricks of burglary by watching YouTube videos to commit crimes at different places of the town, a senior police official said.

"The burglars have confessed to have committed 15 crimes so far. We have also seized some foreign currency-1400 Euros, apart from Rs 30,000 from their possession," Berhampur Superintendent of Police (SP) Pinaki Mishra said.

"The two prime accused are involved in many burglaries since last two years and they mainly targeted residential houses. They would identify the targets--locked or without occupants-- in the morning hours. Later in the night, they would burgle the house without raising any suspicion." Mishra added.

During the interrogation, they have confessed that they learnt the tricks by watching videos on YouTube, the SP informed.