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Ramakanta Biswas

Sambalpur: A lawyer has been arrested for allegedly preparing a fake court order to facilitate release of a vehicle from police station in Sambalpur district.

The accused has been charged under Section 466 of IPC (Forgery of record of Court or of public register, etc).

According to sources, the accused lawyer had prepared the fake court document to release a truck seized by police after a scooter rider had died following a road mishap on National Highway 55 under Jujumara police limits on February 19.

After being contacted by the truck owner, the accused lawyer prepared the duplicate copy of the SDJM court order and produced it before the police with forged signature and stamp. However, the police raised suspicion after going through the order copy and contacted the court only to find that no such order has been issued.

Subsequently, the lawyer was put under arrest. Meanwhile, the district lawyers' association held a meeting to decide the course of action to be taken against the accused.

Pramod Rath, president of Sambalpur Lawyers Association said, "A petition was filed with the SDJM court under Section 457 for release of the vehicle. The petition is still pending in the court. However, the lawyer prepared a fake release order and submitted the copy in the police station."

Rath said the police came to know that it was a fake document during inquiry and registered a case under Section 466 of IPC (Forgery of record of Court or of public register, etc) against the accused and also charged him for stealing the court stamp.

"We have taken serious note of the issue and will decide the action to be taken against him in the executive body meeting," he added.

(Edited By Suryakant Jena)

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