Sabyasachi Kundu

Cuttack: For the first time, the Board of Secondary Education (BSE) has introduced Quick Response (QR) codes on textbooks for class IX and X students in Odisha.

The QR codes will help the students to read the content on their mobile phones. The digital technology will help them to understand chapters much easily as it will also have audio-video content.

As per reports, the QR codes have been printed on the index and first page of all chapters. The students have to scan the QR codes with ‘Diksha’ application. The mobile app will take them to more information on the subject with additional audio-video content.

“The QR codes have already introduced in many books and the students are now accessing the books digitally. This will be more helpful as they are getting extra content on their subjects,” said Ramashis Hazra, BSE Secretary.

“This is being introduced in an interesting way and it will definitely attract the students to get their study materials on digital platforms,” Hazra added.

The uses of this mobile application along with diagrammatic presentations have been explained in the first pages of each book. A student needs to download Diksha app and install it on their mobile phones. After clicking on the ‘student’ option in the app, it will then enable them to access the content through the QR codes.

This apart, the students can also access the digital content of their textbooks on Diksha website.

“We can access the subjects or chapter and get more information, which we can’t understand in classrooms. The audio-visual content is helping us to understand the subjects without any issues,” said a student Santosh Panigrahi.

“The audio-video explanation of the chapters is more interesting than the regular classroom teachings. The mobile app is more beneficial as we are getting additional information on our subjects,” added another student Nirupa Behera.

Earlier, CBSE and ICSE had introduced this Quick Response (QR) code in their textbooks.