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Sharmili Mallick

Kalahandi: Looks can be deceptive as is the case with Rohan Patra, a Class II boy of Odisha's Kalahandi. In the first instance, Rohan might look naive but he is apparently gifted with amazing memorizing capabilities.

The child prodigy can flawlessly recite multiplication tables till 100 without a tint of error. Rohan is the third child of Umesh Patra, a small businessman and Asha who is a homemaker. The family hails from Sandhikullihari in Dharmagarh block of the district.

Speaking to OTV, child prodigy Rohan said, "I like mathematics and can recite multiplication tables till 100. Right now, I am learning tables till 500."

However, discovering little Rohan's innate talent was nothing but a fortunate accident.


"I was planning to buy a cycle for my eldest son. When Rohan came to know about it, he too demanded a bicycle for him. I told him that if he succeeds in memorizing multiplication table till 25 by the time I come back from work, I would buy him a cycle as a gift," explained Rohan's father Umesh.

When Umesh came back in the evening, Rohan was reciting the tables perfectly as asked by his father. Few days later, he voluntarily learnt table till 100 and now Rohan is memorizing multiplication table upto 500.

Apart from tables, Rohan can solve mathematics puzzles without any error.

"When I started taking his tuitions, I noticed his urge to do something new. I tried understanding his mental strengths and realized that he has extraordinary memorizing capabilities. He has keen interest towards mathematics and solves equations within minutes," said Rohan's teacher.

(Edited By Suryakant Jena)

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