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Leopard spotted in Bhubaneswar; visuals captured in CCTV

Bhubaneswar: Panic gripped the residents of Palaspalli in Bhubaneswar after a leopard was reportedly spotted in the area on Sunday. The visuals of the leopard entering the campus of a commercial establishment have been captured in CCTV cameras.

The leopard entered the office premises after scaling the boundary wall of the Bhubaneswar airport, said one Bankanidhi Senapati, who claimed that he saw the big cat at around 10: 30 PM yesterday.

“I was talking over phone when the leopard entered our campus at around 11 PM yesterday. I panicked as the wild animal was just a few meters away from where I was standing,” said Senapati.

Senapati further stated that it was only after the animal went out; he raised an alarm and informed other employees at the company about the presence of the leopard. “When I narrated the entire incident, my colleagues and others did not believe me. It was only after they saw the CCTV footage, they believed me,” he added.

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Meanwhile, City DFO Ashok Mishra stated that “Sighting of leopard in Bhubaneswar is quite unusual. It could have strayed from Chandaka and we are sending a team to the spot.”

Mishra further urged people not to panic and disturb the animal as it may become hostile. Once the forest team reaches the spot, necessary action will be taken to capture it, he said.

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