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Bhubaneswar: Tension sparked off at a petrol pump near Secretariat here on Saturday after some customers alleged that the pump dispensed water instead of petrol.

Some customers said after filling up at the pump their vehicles developed technical snag when they showed it at nearby garages it was water they found oozing from inside the fuel tank and not petrol.

Some aggrieved customers returned to the fuel station and staged a protest, and with several other people also joining in a large demonstration started to develop outside the petrol pump.

“Just a short travel after filling up my bike engine stopped and even though I tried to restart it was of no use so I called for a customer executive from nearby Honda showroom and they discovered that my fuel tank was filled with water,” a customer said.

Apprehending any untoward circumstances, police reached the spot and pacified the irate public.

The fuel station has been closed while the pump manager said the incident had occurred since rain water had seeped into the depository tank whose lid was accidentally loose.

“Due to heavy rain, water had seeped and mixed with the fuel since the lid of the tank was loose. We have tightened it and complained the matter. Very soon a mechanic is arriving and we hope things would be normalised,” Anil Sahu, petrol pump manager said.

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