Odishatv Bureau

Jajpur: He is neither a software engineer nor works in a hi-tech lab. Meet Sashikant Das from Bari Nuagaon, a small village in Jajpur district, who has proven his mettle as an innovative inventor with his new anti-bike theft application.

Sashikant has come up with a unique app that has to be installed in a smartphone and with the help of the app, users can control the ignition system of their bike. This app is expected to reduce the possibilities of bike theft.

Being asked about the app Sashikant said, “Nowadays bike thieves easily break the lock of a vehicle to steal it. So I have come up with password locking system to level up the security of our bikes. Earlier, I had programmed a website and taking the codes from it I have developed this application.”

He further added, “In future I aim to install all the bike functions in the app so that the bike can be operated by the mobile app. I also wish to research on ways to reduce the use of fuels in the bikes.”

The app has the ability to control the ignition system of the bike with a single click on the phone to start and switch off the bike. It also uses GPS system to trace the vehicle in case of theft.

“In case the bike keys are misplaced we can switch on and off the bike with the help of mobile. In case of theft we can switch off the bike and trace it through the phone. Sashikant’s work has brought laurels for our village,” said Kamalkant Ojha, a local resident.

Many who have used the unique app programmed by Sashikant have urged the government to provide him government support so that the youngster can further work on the app and upgrade it.

Meanwhile, Ramesh Chandra Bhanj, Vice Chairman of Bari Block has said he will ensure to take the matter to government so that Sashikant can be provided adequate help to work on the development of the software.

“We are proud of Sashikant and on behalf of Bari Panchayat Samiti I congratulate him. We will assure to take necessary steps that are required to help him to work more on the application,” he added.