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Balasore: While the entire nation is celebrating August Kranti Divas today marking the 1942 Quit India movement, Inchudi and Srijang villages of Balasore district, which had taken active part in the mass movement against British rule, have been lying in utter neglect.

Neither government nor any social organisation has come forward to save the historical places, villagers alleged.

Once many fighters sacrificed their life for the cause of the country when the slogan of Gandhiji's 'Do or Die' reverberated in Inchudi village, an obscure hamlet in Remuna block of the district.  But, the Samadhis of the valiant heroes, which remind of the historic occasion, today lie in a dilapidated condition. Even the salt Satyagrah memorial pillar stands neglected due to lack of maintenance.

"This historical place needs urgent attention of government. Otherwise it would vanish in near future," said Harish Chandra Jena, a teacher of Labana Satyagrah Smruti Vidyapeeth.

Another village, Srijanga which bears testimony to the great freedom struggle has also fallen victim to similar situation. A museum set up in the village for conservation of pictures and other materials associated with the freedom movement is also in a decrepit condition. The memorial plaques are in a state of ruin while photos of those who sacrificed their life are in need of serious attention.

"We can't maintain the museum due to lack of government funds. The roof of the building has become so weak that it can't resist rain and wind," said Hrusikesh Behera, a villager.

As the Quit India Movement was launched in August, the occasion is also known as August Movement or August Kranti, a civil disobedience movement initiated to end British rule in India.

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