Devbrat Patnaik

Bhubaneswar/Cuttack: The doorbell rings and you have a smile on your lips to see a bunch of flowers, a teddy and a sweet little card. Friendship is in air! From a time when the concept was limited to feelings between two or more individuals to the present day where expression rules roost, the day has gained a celebratory pitch irrespective of any boundaries. And the twin cities too have not remained far in rejoicing the occasion.

Celebrated on the first Sunday of August, young and old alike were seen meeting and greeting each other with flowers, hugs, cards, friendship bands and much more.

Speaking to a cross section of revelers, OTV found people with plans galore to make their day special. While some have planned to spend the weekend going to theater and watch a Friday release, the others said they are planning for a night out, and a few also have planned to have some amazing food at restaurants.

As Sweta, a student of a private engineering college says, "It’s a relationship where someone provides constant support being a cheering confidante as well as your worst critic. A family we choose! That’s what friends are all about." She plans to spend the day with both her friends, Atul and Anwesha enjoying a movie followed by sumptuous food.

A day for children, a day for youths, a day for all the age groups, a day to let special people in your life know what they mean to you. No wonder, Rabi Das, an employee with a PSU and around 45 years old, has a get together planned with college buddies. "I don't believe in friendship day but what's the harm in bonding with friends with some food and drink!" says he with an excitement hard to beat. 


There are however exceptions like Mouni Bhattacharya, a class 12 student, who feels her pets are her best friends. "A true friend gives you a push, when you need it. Lifts you up when you feel low. My Bunny and Sherlock (both her German Shepherds) help me vent out and I feel relaxed speaking to them. I feel it's our connect with even animals that can be tagged as friendship," she explains hugging both her pets. She will spend the day with them and take them on a drive!

In the prime period between the end of early childhood and the onset of full adulthood, friendships are often the most important relationships in the emotional life of any teenager, and are often deeper than relationships later in life.

To make it a more special day, friends tie colorful wrist bands to express love for each other. This apart, they also surprise each other by gifting flowers and greeting cards!

The icing on the cake however is, men and women even after crossing the threshold of youth too want to make most of the day. Like 53-year-old Ganesh Patnaik who plans to spend the day with his friend of a lifetime and life partner Ajita Mahapatra to raise a toast to their bonding and togetherness over the years. "Friendship Day might be just another day but if it calls for a celebration with best friend, I would like to present my best half a bouquet of songs to make the day memorable!” says Patnaik. 

A relationship that cannot be limited to boundaries, friends are dear to everyone and this is a day to make the bonding stronger with expressions unlimited to say we care, we love and we will always be there!