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New Delhi: Condition of Kalia, one of the separated conjoined twins, has hardly improved after the operation, said Odisha’s Health Minister Pratap Jena today.

“As Kalia is being administered dosages for suffering from epileptic fits, he remains drowsy and sleepy all the time,” added Jena.

He further stated that the other twin, Jaga, has improved a lot and is active. He is seen playing and taking usual diets.

“The State government is providing all kinds of support for treatment of the separated conjoined twins,” the Health Minister said.

Doctors at the AIIMS have been closely monitoring each development in both the twins following their two-stage separation surgery earlier last month.

The conjoined twins were separated after a marathon surgery that lasted around 11 hours at AIIMS on October 25. A special team comprising 20 surgeons including four Odia doctors and 10 Anesthesiologists led by AK Mahapatra and other paramedical staff had successfully conducted the separation surgery.

Jaga was taken off ventilator support on November 1 and was moved to the general ward of the AIIMS two days later.

The twins are likely to stay under supervision of AIIMS doctors for two more months.

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