Berhampur: Two cases of cholera has been detected in Kabisurya Nagar town of Odisha's Ganjam district.

A total of 11 stool samples were tested at the microbiology department of MKCG Medical College, said Additional District Medical Officer (Public Health) R Jagadees Patnaik today.

While one cholera case was detected from Kabisurya Nagar town, the other was from nearby Baliasara, he said adding officials had sent the test samples in view of the rampant spread of diarrhoea in nearby areas in the last fortnight.

The disease is believed to have surfaced due to the consumption of contaminated water and the number of diarrhoea patients had grown since April 25. While five patients were admitted in Kabisurya Nagar community health centre on Monday, one was admitted yesterday.

"There is no cause for panic due to detection of cholera. The situation is under control as we have taken several precautionary measures to arrest of spread of the disease," said Patnaik.

Medical officers in the community health center in Kabisurya Nagara have also been alerted and health workers were asked to spread awareness among the people to maintain personnel hygene and to consume the boiled water, he said.

Earlier, cholera was detected from Jagannath Prasad area where dirrrhoea had affected over 150 people in 36 nearby villages after they consumed pana (sweet water) during a festival.

The disease was reported from Polasara and Sanakhemundi blocks recently, Patnaik said adding it was controlled in all the affected areas.