Odishatv Bureau

Bhubaneswar: Though summer has bid us goodbye, come October, the political environment in Odisha is all set to smolder as all the three major political parties are out to launch an assault on each other on a host of issues. While the ruling-BJD will target the BJP-led central government with its ‘Padyatra;’ the Odisha BJP has loaded its arsenal with the Lajja Satyagrha aimed squarely at the State government. The Congress on the other hand will mobilize its troops for the Jan Chetna yatra in the first week of October to raise its pitch on the Mahanadi water dispute with Chhattisgarh.

With the turf ready and the Panchayat election trophy in sight, political propaganda is expected reach fever pitch.  The BJD has set central negligence in cases of Mahanadi and Polavaram as its agenda to target the BJP-led NDA government at the centre. The BJP will try and mobilize public opinion against the State government on deteriorating health, education, transportation and law and order. The saffron party will launch its Lajja Satyagraha in all the sub-divisions on October 2.

“On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on October 2nd the BJP will launch its revolt against the State government’s incompetence,” said BJP’s Prithwiraj Harichandan.

“Earlier we used to have a 9-day or 11-day padyatra. However, this time we are launching a month-long padyatra keeping in mind the upcoming Panchayat Elections,” said BJD’s Surya Narayan Patra.

Though Congress will arrive late to the party, unlike BJD and BJP who have chosen October 2nd to flag off their rallies, Congress will bring Mahanadi issue to the table and launch its Jan Chetna yatra. The grand old party will target both the BJD and the BJP and highlight the incompetence of both in protecting Odisha’s interest thorough its rally which will be taken out in the Mahanadi basin areas.

“The Congress party is committed to protect the interest of Odisha and its people. We had started our protests long back and will take it to its conclusion,” said Sarat Rout of Congress.