Saswat Singhdeo

Titlagarh/ Bolangir: At a time when political parties are leaving no stone unturned to woo the voters, a rap song criticising political parties over unfulfilled promises has been released by documentary film producer Shankhajeet De.

The video features Mumbai-based rapper RcR and three transgender artistes from Titlagarh- Madhu, Sarita and Nandini.

Speaking to OTV, De said that the sole aim of the video is to create awareness among voters before casting their votes.

“Transgender are known for their hard-hitting responses. In the video, I have attempted to provoke everyone through the rapper and other artistes,” said De.

The transgender artistes featured in the video have said that the video will make voters think twice before choosing their candidates.

“We have got no basic facilities like toilets and houses. This video was made so that voters will think and decide whom to vote for,” said Madhu.

“Unemployment is one of the biggest issues among the youth which should be resolved by the government,” said Sarita.

The video has been shot at multiple locations including Delhi and Titlagarh.