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A call to save mother

Bhubaneswar: Encircling the body of its mother, the baby elephant is visibly feeling restless. Minus communicable language, it has also become more difficult for the baby elephant to express its feelings and ask the gathered villagers around to help lift its loving mother from the ground. Perhaps it is beyond the imagination for the one and half year old elephant that the mother will never get up once again.

The scene was recently observed in Khandokoti forest near Bhanjanagar. Following death of a grown up elephant in the area, the baby elephant was as if in no mood to leave the mother. Caressing the body the baby was understandably asking her mother to go back to the dense forest where there would be no harsh sun rays that took her life. The scene was simply heartrending.

On receipt of information about the incident an expert team arrived in the area to take the baby elephant to Nandankanan zoological park in Bhubaneswar.

Probably it will take months to erase the scene for an onlooker.

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