Cassian Baliarsingh

From playing pranks on each other, sneaking out at night, or cooking snacks, hostel life is one of the best and most unforgettable phases in a student’s life. The memories they create, the friends they make, and the moments they live during hostel days are something that they cherish for a lifetime.

From ragging to being friends with seniors and gossiping about girlfriends and boyfriends, every hosteller has his/her own stories to tell. Now, an incident has been going viral on social media in which a boy dressed as a girl sneaked into a girls’ hostel. 

Bad luck for him, he got caught and was beaten up. A video of the whole incident was shared on social media and has been receiving mixed reviews from social media users.

Popular X account, Ghar Ke Kalesh shared the video and wrote, “Kalesh b/w college officials and a guy over this guy disguising himself as a girl and sneaking inside the girls’ hostel, but got caught.”

In the viral video, the guy can be seen getting beaten up by the hostel authorities in front of other girls. The date and location of the incident could not be confirmed. 

As expected, social media users had a laughter riot and couldn’t stop themselves from reacting to the incident. 
“Men are talented!😂 ghar ke kalesh never disappointed 😂,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “I think this is from Banasthali Girls College, Rajasthan, one of my female friend told me about this incident on occasion of Holi. And may be this was that local boy who entered girls hostel by pretending to be a non teaching staff but was caught by warden & he has condoms also.”

“Aree aunty mai toh bas riya se notes lene aya tha,” another user humorously wrote.