Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Fire stunts are quite common at different festivals. Most of the fire stunts are in practice since time unknown. Jumping through a fire ring, blowing fire, walking on fire, and doing different tricks with fire are some of the stunts.

While these fire stunts thrill, and excite the viewers, they possess a threat to the performer as well as others in proximity. Sometimes, the stunts may cause a major fire mishap triggering unexpected havoc. 

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Here we bring one such video that shows the ugly side of playing with fire. 

As seen in the video, a youth is seen standing on a stage with some other youths nearby. The youth puts some fluid inside his mouth from a bottle and hands over the bottle to another person. In another hand, the youth is seen holding a burning stick. 

Suddenly, he brings the fire stick close to his mouth and blows the fire. Generally, for performing such stunts, professionals use diesel, kerosene or any such petroleum product. 

As the youth showcases his stunt, a few drops of fuel from his mouth spill onto his beard, which instantly catches fire. 

As the youth turns his face, fire is seen all over. Immediately, the youth rubs his face with his hands to put off the flames, however, he fails. Throwing the fire stick, he continues to douse the flame and two other youths jump in to help him. 

As the flames were doused immediately, the youth suffered no burn injuries.

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The video shared on Instagram by amarjeetsingh5354 has spread like wildfire on social media. While the stunt triggered concern as well as fun among netizens, several others also praised the youths who instantly jumped in to help the stunt performer.