Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

How would a wife react after finding her husband trying to flirt with any random girl? Of course, anyone will lose their cool and turn violent. 

What if a woman finds her husband shaking a leg with a sizzling dancer

Here we bring a hilarious video that shows a man suffering the consequences instantly for dancing with a hot dancer.

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As seen in the video, a young and sizzling lady is dancing in a bikini surrounded by a crowd. While two men are seen standing close to the dancer, one of the men starts dancing with the girl. While the dancer starts flirting with the man, he also seems to reciprocate the gestures. 

To his bad fate, another woman, seeming to be his wife, tears apart the crowd and approaches the dancer, and the man. She instantly starts thrashing the man on his back. The woman seems to be furious and unstoppably beats the man. 

The man looks behind in surprise, and after finding the woman, he walks with his hands on his head in an attempt to get protected from the thrashing. 

The woman continues thrashing and leads her husband out of the crowd. 

The video shared on Twitter by The Figen has gone viral and triggered a laugh riot. Several users posted hilarious comments which will also tickle your funny bones.

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One user wrote, “Welp....She reminds me of my Bronx- JewWhoppi wife!  LOL.” (sic)

A second user wrote, “I heard that he should be able to go back to solid food in about another week or so...” (sic)

“All his fun and excitement gone in a few seconds!” wrote a third user. (sic)