Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Many of us may remember the Bollywood comedy film ‘Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri’ which was released in 1990. Its central theme revolves around the humorous relationship between a father and his son.

This film, in a way, foreshadowed the comedic interactions people see today between parents and their children on social media.

Recently, a viral video surfaced on the internet that perfectly captures this modern trend.

In the video, a young boy is seen ironing his father's shirt. The twist here is that the father appears to be engrossed in a mobile game, resembling PUBG or Free Fire.

Initially, the boy playfully touches the iron, pretending it is hot, to tease his father.

As the boy continues to iron, his father notices that the job is not being done properly and instructs him to iron the other half of the shirt.

At this point, the naughty boy decides to play a prank on his father.

Swiftly, he places the iron dangerously close to his father's groin area. The father panics, thinking he might have been burned. However, he soon realises that the iron was not actually hot, and it was all a prank.

The father and son burst into laughter in the viral video, showcasing their strong bond and sense of humour.

This video was shared on the social media platform ‘X’ and has garnered an impressive 14.6 million views, 236k likes, and numerous shares and comments.

Among the comments, one user humorously exclaimed, "bade harami ho beta," while another playfully remarked, "He is a very naughty child. Will grow up to become Kim Jong Un."

Someone else added, "The cameraman is invisible as always." Another user praised the prank as "the prank of the year" and expressed their amusement with "rofl 😂😂."

Lastly, another user humorously pointed out how fast the father reacted, saying, "Bro ran faster than the Flash 😂. He knew his dad was gonna end him lol."