Rashmi Ranjan

With our changing lifestyle, youths these days are more concerned about their health and most of them hit the gym to remain fit. Internet is a place where you can find millions of workout videos that will give you the motivation to join the gym.

Recently, a video of a woman in saree showing some amazing strength at a gym has amazed the internet users and given a major fitness goal to fitness enthusiasts.

In the video, the woman in a pink saree paired with a pink sports shoe, can be seen sweating hard at the gym.

In the first part of the viral video, the woman can be seen jumping on the bench while in the second part, the woman can be seen doing pull downs. The last segment of the video has stunned the internet, where the woman can be seen doing squats while lifting a rear tyre of a tractor.

The video which was shared on Twitter by one Deepak Prabhu is now doing rounds on the internet and garnered over 8000 views. 

Praising the woman for her stamina, one user wrote, “ye Bhartiya Nari Hai, Sab Pe Bhari hai...,” while another user commented, 
“Sanatani Woman! Hume parda ya ghoongat nahi chahiye. We should strive for our men and women to be strong and fearless and rooted to our Sanatan culture.”

Some other users also raised concern over her gym outfit and suggested that she must not wear saree during workout as it may lead to injury.

“Yes but why do wearing saree? How safe is it to jump bench in a saree,” another user commented.