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The Internet never fails to disappoint users with hilarious videos, posts and stories. Some humorous posts on relationships are bound to add spice to your everyday life. If you don’t mind reading an amusing anecdote or couples, this space is for you. 

Recently, an Instagram reel was shared which shows a funny video of how husbands are afraid of wives. 

The video was shared on Instagram by a user named populer_aman_786 with a caption on the video which said, "Patni ka dar har desh mein."

The video opens at a bar and café where men are seen drinking, playing snooker, dart games and having a gala time. Later, a man who was standing on the street sees a group of women coming in the direction of the bar. He then goes inside the shop and says, “Jhonny, Jhonny the girls are coming.” 

Following this, everyone present in the bar started turning the bar into an office. They hide the bar, and snooker table and give the café a whole total new look and you couldn’t guess at all that a bar was there in the place of the office earlier. The men in the video also starts pretending to be busy with their work.

The women's group then comes in and the woman who leads the group looks at her husband who seems to be on the phone. The husband signals the woman to give him some time as he is busy on the phone for some work. The women's group then leaves. 

After the women left, the men can be seen taking a deep breath and are happy that they didn't get caught by their wives.

 Netizens were thoroughly entertained by the video and came up with interesting reactions with one writing, "Wife naam hi aisi cheez soch kr hi khauf jante hai." 

A second person commented, "India Se jyda dar toh videsho me hai Bibio kaa," while a third shared, "Yr asa video dal kar hamko kyu darate ho tumlog shaadi karne se darr lagta ab😢."

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