Cassian Baliarsingh

A bride had a close shave after her wedding stunt with a sparkling gun went horribly wrong. The bride and the groom can be seen posing with sparkling guns at their wedding venue. However, the stunt went wrong and the bride suffered the consequence of the stunt.

A Twitter user Aditi shared the video and wrote, “Idk what’s wrong with people these days. They are treating wedding days more like parties and this is how they ruin their perfect day.”

In the 13-second video, a bride and her husband-to-be can be seen posing as James Bond with sparkling guns. However, the bride’s sparkling gun bursts and strikes the bride in her face. Before her dress catches fire, she throws the sparkling gun down and runs toward the groom.

Luckily, nothing happened to the bride. Since being shared online, the video has gone insanely viral with 115k views.

“Don't know why social media validation has become so important. Marriage has been reduced to Instagram reels. Guess that's why divorces are increasing in India as couples put extra efforts towards societal acceptance/validation than making marriage work,” a user commented.

Another user wrote, “Shaadi mein jo rasmein hai...vo Sab Chor kar...baaki Sab Karna hai... abhi CAKE kaatna baaki hi reh gaya....uske Liye bhi shayad TALVAAR aayi ho...”

A third user commented, “This is ridiculous...adding accident risks to already existing risks in the media posts is a 2 minute affair...forgotten soon..but a life gets scarred forever.”