Manoj Kumar Jena

When passing by a Pani Puri stall and seeing the crowd of people, many would have wondered how good a business it is. Pani Puri is quite famous and widely consumed street food in India. 

A variety of Pani Puri based on local tastes and preferences are found across India. It is also sarcastically advised that those men who have a problem interacting with women should open a Pani Puri stall to master the art of interaction. 

Recently, a viral video regarding a Pani Puri seller’s daily income has shocked the internet. 

In the purported video in which the Pani Puri seller claimed that he earns Rs 2,500 per day has gone viral on various social media platforms. 

The exact location from where the video was recorded is yet to be known. 

In the viral clip, the guy who was shooting the video can be seen interacting with the Pani Puri seller. During their interaction, the man asked the Pani Puri seller about his daily profit to which he replied, ’25.’ When the man asked, is it 25K per month? The Pani Puri seller gave a savage replay saying, ‘It's Rs 2,500 per day.’

This statement was a ‘mic drop moment’ in the video. 

After hearing the profit figure, netizens stormed the comment section as one user wrote, “Chalo padh likh kar koi fayada nhi hm bhi panipuri ka thela lagayenge,” and another user commented, “No tax , no shop rent, real Buisnessman .” (SIC)

The video was shared on the official Instagram handle of user @vijay_vox_ and till the time of filing this report, the video had garnered 40.9 million views. 

Watch the video below: